How Do You Say The Number 12 In Spanish?

What are some basic Spanish phrases?

Basic Spanish Phrases¡Buenos días.

bway-nohs dee-ahs Hello.

/ Good morning!¡Buenas tardes.

bway-nahs tard-ays Good afternoon!¡Buenas noches.

bway-nahs noh-chays Good evening.

/ Good night!¡Hola.

/ ¡Chao.

oh-lah / chow Hi.

/ Bye!Adiós.

ah-dee-ohs Good bye.Por favor.

por fah-bor Please.23 more rows.

What are 5 greetings in Spanish?

How to say “hello”¡Hola! Hi!Buenos días. Good morning.Buenas tardes. Good afternoon.Buenas noches. Good evening.

What is the number three in Spanish?

More videos on YouTube1 uno11 once41 cuarenta y uno3 tres13 trece43 cuarenta y tres53 cincuenta y tres63 sesenta y tres93 noventa y tres4 cuatro14 catorce44 cuarenta y cuatro54 cincuenta y cuatro64 sesenta y cuatro94 noventa y cuatro15 more rows

How do you say 12 pm in Spanish?

If you are trying to say “It is 12:00”: Son las doce. Son las doce del mediodía. It is twelve oclock midday.

What are the numbers 1 30 in Spanish?

“Special” numbers: 1-3011onceveintiuno14catorceveinticuatro15quinceveinticinco16dieciséisveintiséis17diecisieteveintisiete4 more rows

Whats does AM and PM mean?

It is not always clear what times “12:00 a.m.” and “12:00 p.m.” denote. From the Latin words meridies (midday), ante (before) and post (after), the term ante meridiem (a.m.) means before midday and post meridiem (p.m.) means after midday.

What are the numbers 1 50 in Spanish?

Spanish Vocabulary: Numbers 1 to 50NumberSpanish47cuarenta y siete48cuarenta y ocho49cuarenta y nueve50cincuenta48 more rows

What is the number 12 in Spanish?

The list of Spanish numbers 1-100#EnglishSpanish9ninenueve10tendiez11elevenonce12twelvedoce96 more rows

How do you say 8 in Spanish?

In this lesson, you’ll learn the numbers 1-10 in Spanish and practice their pronunciation….The Numbers 1-10.NumberSpanishPronunciation7sietesyay-tay8ochooh-choh9nuevenway-vay10diezdyays6 more rows

What is the number 11 in Spanish?

Numbers 11-20= 11ONCE= 12DOCE= 13TRECE= 14CATORCE= 15QUINCE5 more rows

What are three ways to say hello in Spanish?

1. Five Different Ways of Saying “Hello” in Spanish (Spain)1- Hola. It means “hello” or “hi” in Spanish and, as we’ve already mentioned, this word is the most common Spanish greeting and can be used at all times.2- Buenos días. … 3- Buenas tardes. … 4- Buenas noches. … 5- Ey. … 1- ¿Cómo estás? … 2- ¿Qué tal? … 3- ¿Qué pasa?More items…•

How do you say 11 pm in Spanish?

Por favor, recójanos a las 11 mañana. 11 am or pm?

What are the numbers 1 to 20 in Spanish?

Winston Churchill, a man to whom the fate of Britain was being entrusted, suffered from major depressive episodes that he used to call them Spanish numbers 1-20….cero zerouno onedos twoquince fifteendieciséis sixteendiecisiete seventeendieciocho eighteendiecinueve nineteenveinte twenty11 more rows

How do u say 17 in Spanish?

Also you can use dieciséis, diecisiete, dieciocho, and diecinueve for 16, 17, 18, and 19, respectively. They are pronounced the same but are combined into one word.