Question: How Can I Tell What Color My Diamond Is?

How can you tell if a diamond is color enhanced?

The two main methods of identifying color-enhanced diamonds are color zoning and spectroscopy.

Color zoning can provide an indication of probable color enhancement, but only spectroscopy, a procedure done in a trade lab by a trained gemologist, will give a conclusive answer on the origin of a diamond’s color..

What is the best color for diamonds?

colorless diamondsNear colorless diamonds, (G, H, I, and J grades,) are the best value in diamonds. G color is just one step down from the truly Colorless tier, so it still appears very colorless. H color is another good “near colorless” choice and is, in my opinion, the last color grade where yellow or brown is not visible face up.

What is the color of a diamond?

Diamonds occur in a variety of colors—steel gray, white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink to purple, brown, and black. Colored diamonds contain interstitial impurities or structural defects that cause the coloration; pure diamonds are perfectly transparent and colorless.

How do you determine diamond color and clarity?

Here are some guidelines to help you determine what clarity a diamond has: If you cannot see any flaws (lines, black spots, or blemishes) inside the stone when looking at it under 10x magnification, then the diamond most likely falls into the FL/IF/VVS1/VVS2 clarity range.

Can a jeweler tell if a diamond is enhanced?

A jeweler good jeweler or diamond dealer will disclose if a diamond is enhanced because it has a serious impact on a diamond’s value and quality. … Enhanced diamonds are heavily included, or low-color diamonds that have been treated to improve their color or clarity.

Are enhanced diamonds worth it?

A stone that has been treated to improve clarity can cost 20-30% less than an untreated diamond of the same clarity grade. So, if you consider enhanced diamonds, you can get a pretty good deal on a stone with the clarity grade you are looking for.

Are color enhanced diamonds bad?

And that’s BAD! Plus, if a jeweler is working on your diamond ring (like retipping prongs or sizing), and they don’t know that it’s been altered, they could put heat to the stone (from their torch), and the fracture filling could warm, boil, dissolve, or possibly even cause your diamond to crack or fracture.

Are enhanced diamonds bad?

Are clarity-enhanced diamonds bad? No. They are just altered from their natural state. Many people will opt for clarity-enhanced diamonds just to have something unique and huge price advantage.

Which Diamond Colour is the most expensive?

red diamondsEven a one carat red diamond can be sold anywhere from $300,000 to $2 million dollars, depending on the quality of the diamond, easily making fancy red diamonds the most expensive diamond color in the world.

What’s more important in a diamond color or clarity?

The color grade is more important than the clarity grade because cushion-cut diamonds tend to retain a lot of color. If you don’t want any hints of color, look for a cushion cut diamond with a color grade of H or above.

Do enhanced diamonds hold their value?

Do Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Hold their Value? Yes, clarity enhanced diamonds like all other diamonds hold their value according to normal price fluctuations of diamonds as well as taking into account current market values and conditions.