Question: How Do I Massage My C Section Scar?

Should you massage C section scar?

When you massage your c-section scar, you help the scar tissue learn where to lie down and you keep it from growing in unwanted places like on the surrounding organs.

Massage can help increase blood flow, which is beneficial for healing the area..

How do you massage a surgical scar?

Use two fingers to massage the scar from side-to-side. When massaging your scar, apply only as much pressure as you can tolerate. Begin with light pressure, gradually progressing to a deeper and firmer pressure. When massaging, try to apply enough pressure that the scar area lightens in color or turns white.

Can you massage stomach after cesarean?

Not getting a tummy massage after a C-section delivery can result in long-term issues. Your scar may heal with time and look fine, but your body will need help in order to heal this surgically-affected area.

When should I start massaging my c section scar?

How to do the massages. Begin about 6 weeks after surgery, as long as incision is well healed. This can be done on your own, at home, for 5 minutes/day. Place fingers 2-3 inches from scar.

Why does my c section scar hurt a year later?

C-section scars can also cause endometriosis, but this is relatively uncommon. When endometriosis results from a cesarean scar, the medical name is incisional endometriosis. Endometrial tissue can build up along the scar, leading to painful adhesions that can affect a person’s fertixlity or make periods more painful.

Does rubbing a scar help it fade?

Scars continue to grow and change throughout the recovery process which may take from twelve to eighteen months. Scar massage is an effective way to decrease scar tissue build up and help make scars less noticeable. Massage will not help soften a scar more than two years old.

Can massaging a scar make it worse?

As the scar matures you can increase the pressure of the massage to help soften scars. Your therapist will guide you in this process as massaging too firmly initially can make scarring worse. As discussed previously the new skin which has formed following the injury lacks the moisture needed.

How can I flatten my tummy after C section?

Breastfeeding This is one of the easiest ways to lose belly fat. Breastfeed your baby for 6 months after a c-section. Not only does breastfeeding burn about 500 extra calories a day, but it also releases the oxytocin hormone that stimulates uterine contractions, and helps your uterus get back to its pre-pregnancy size.

How many times can a woman have C section?

But it’s hard to give a simple answer to this question: Every woman heals differently, and while one woman may be able to have three C-sections safely, another may be advised to stop after just one Cesarean because of significant scar tissue or poor healing. But even one Cesarean section carries some risk.

How long does it take for C section pooch to go away?

Some women might just need a few short weeks to recover from a c-section, while others will need a few months. Generally speaking, it’s best to wait at least 6-8 weeks before you start to exercise or diet. As eager as you might be to lose the weight right away, this will only cause complications.

What can I rub on my surgical scars?

Apply a non-perfumed Vitamin E lotion or oil to your scar area. Vitamin E is proven to help build collagen and massaging with lotion lubricates the skin, cutting down friction. Using the pad of your thumb or finger, firmly massage in a circular motion.