Question: Is Badly Proper English?

Is saying you did good proper English?

One of the classic battles prescriptive grammarians fight is that “You did good.” is grammatically wrong, while “You did well.” is correct.

The justification for this is that “well” is a legitimate adverb but “good” is not.

In “You did good.”, “good” is the direct object (a noun), while “well” can only be an adverb..

Which is correct sentence?

In order for a sentence to be grammatically correct, the subject and verb must both be singular or plural. In other words, the subject and verb must agree with one another in their tense. If the subject is in plural form, the verb should also be in plur al form (and vice versa).

Is I’m doing well proper grammar?

Both are correct BUT ‘good’ is an adjective and ‘well’ is an adverb. ‘I am doing good’ is how a lot of Americans speak, and a lot of British pedants (like me) get very angry and insist that it should be ‘I am doing well’.

Is there a word badly?

Misusing bad and badly is a common grammatical mistake. The word bad is an adjective and should be used to modify nouns and pronouns. Badly, like most words ending in -ly, is an adverb and is used to modify verbs. … The test is something she has done , and to do is an action verb.

Which is correct I feel bad or badly?

Feel is a verb, so shouldn’t what comes after it be—and look like—an adverb? The answer is: no. Like ‘be’ or ‘look’, ‘feel’ is a linking verb. That means that “I feel bad” is correct—just like “I feel sad” (rather than “I feel sadly”) or “that looks delicious” (rather than “that looks deliciously”).

How do you use badly in a sentence?

Examples of badly in a Sentence He played badly but I played even worse. The failure reflects badly on the administration. She wanted the job badly.

What’s another word for badly?

What is another word for badly?poorlyinadequatelywoefullyawkwardlyblunderinglyclumsilycrudelyfeeblyhaphazardlyill222 more rows

Did pretty good or well?

This is because well is an adverb, so it describes how the verb was done. Informally we often say “you did pretty good”, but it’s not correct because good is either an adjective or a noun, not an adverb.

Do you say sleep well or sleep?

Sleep is a verb, and verbs are modified by adverbs. Good is an adjective, so it is incorrect to use it to modify a verb. Well is an adverb, so “Sleep well” is the correct sentence.

Is it I feel good or well?

Feel well and be well refer to one’s health. Well in this case is an adjective. This is the only use of well as an adjective-to mean healthy, not sick. Feel good means to feel happy.

Can you say I feel badly?

To feel badly implies that your sense of touch is not right. When you are referring to a sense of touch, then badly is used as an adverb describing the verb to feel or touch. The correct way to say the sentence is, “I feel bad for him because he didn’t make the cut.”

What does so badly mean?

1. 1. Any dictionary would tell you that the adverb “badly” means “very much”, especially when used with the verbs expressing desire (need, want, etc). I need money really badly.

Can I say I’m good?

The verb “am,” however, involves special circumstances that make “I’m good” a perfectly acceptable answer. It’s true that adverbs, not adjectives, are used to modify most verbs. For example, “We danced well,” not “We danced good.” Adjectives are only used to describe nouns, as in “We performed a good dance.”

What is a good feeling?

: an expectation that something will be go well I have a good feeling about this project.