Question: What Is Another Word For No Brainer?

What do you mean by no brainer?

informal : a decision or choice that is very easy to make and requires very little thought.

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What can I say instead of suddenly?

suddenlyimmediately, instantaneously, instantly, in an instant, straight away, all of a sudden, at once, all at once, promptly, abruptly, in a trice, swiftly.unexpectedly, without warning, without notice, on the spur of the moment.More items…

What is the opposite of suddenly?

Opposite of quickly and unexpectedly, typically without warning. gradually. slowly. progressively. gradationally.

Is no brainer hyphenated?

Unusual compound nouns and adjectives are usually hyphenated, to avoid confusion. Do-gooder, off-putting, prune-lipped, no-brainer. Always hyphenate fractions that are spelled out: five-eighths.

Is noticeable a word?

adjective. attracting notice or attention; capable of being noticed: a noticeable lack of interest. worthy or deserving of notice or attention; noteworthy: a book that is noticeable for its vivid historical background.

Is brainer a Scrabble word?

No, brainer is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is no brainer an idiom?

Recently one of my students asked me the meaning of the idiom: “to be a no brainer”. It is used when we want to say something is so easy that we don’t have to think about it and that the answer is obvious.

Is it no brainer or no brainer?

(informal) An easy or obvious conclusion, decision, solution, task, etc.; something requiring little or no thought. If the newer version performs as well for half the cost, the decision is a no-brainer. Alternative spelling of no-brainer.

Whats the opposite of obvious?

Antonyms: non-obvious, unobvious, subtle. obvious(adjective) Antonyms: unobvious, subtle, non-obvious.

What is no brainer offer?

So Karen, can you explain to us what is a no brainer offer? Well, it is something that your company or your business would offer to your potential clients. That just doesn’t make sense for them to say no. It’s something that they probably want to solve the problem and it doesn’t really cost them anything to get it.

What else can I say instead of according to?

What is another word for according to?as peras specified byin accordance within compliance within conformity within keeping within line withaccordant withcommensurate withconforming to18 more rows

Who is a brainer?

Noun. brainer (plural brainers) (only used in combinations) someone with a certain type of brain.

How do you use no brainer?

If you describe a question or decision as a no-brainer, you mean that it is a very easy one to answer or make. If it’s illegal for someone under 21 to drink, it should be illegal for them to drink and drive.

What word is suddenly?

adverb. quickly and without warning; unexpectedly.

What is another word for Out of the blue?

Alternate Synonyms for “out of the blue”: unanticipated; unforeseen; unlooked-for; unexpected. unexpectedly.

What is another word for obvious?

Frequently Asked Questions About obvious Some common synonyms of obvious are apparent, clear, distinct, evident, manifest, patent, and plain.

Is subtle the opposite of obvious?

What is the opposite of subtle?obviousblatantstraightforwardstrikingtransparentundeniableunderstandableunquestionablevisibleinescapable35 more rows