Question: What Is The 511 App?

What happens if I dial 611?

*611 or just 611 is the universal Customer Service number.

Dialing this number works even if Service is disconnected on a particular Line and minutes do not count towards if you are still on a plan with limited minutes.

It connects you to the same place as the 1-800-922-0204 public Customer Service number..

What are the 5 colors on a map?

There are five different colors on a military map: Brown, Red, Blue, Black, and Green. Colors are used to make the map easier to read. Some maps add an additional color to make the map readable in the dark. Each of the five colors represents a different terrain.

What does red road condition mean?

An elevation to Road Condition Red represents very hazardous conditions, with usually four to eight inches of snow, sheets of ice, snow drifts, and reduced road visibility to less than 65 feet.

Does 411 still exist?

Wireless telephone directory Consumers can opt in to listing their name and cellphone number with directory assistance services, such as 411. The information is currently not published in print or online directories.

What happens if you call 711?

Dialing 711, both voice and TRS users can initiate a call from any telephone, anywhere in the United States, without having to remember and dial a ten-digit access number. …

Are 611 calls free?

21stNow’s answer is correct; Verizon Wireless offers free phone calls to customer service using the (611) phone number, not the toll free number. … Always use (611) while calling Verizon Wireless Customer Service, or you will be charged for the call.

Where is the legend of the map found?

The legend is located in the lower left margin. It illustrates and identifies the topographic symbols used to depict some of the more prominent features on the map. The symbols are not always the same on every map. Always refer to the legend to avoid errors when reading a map.

What do blue roads on the map represent?

Blue is a normal colour assigned to a suggested route in Google Maps. … That is traffic data, it is only showing traffic directly on your route instead of the whole traffic layer. The blue parts are where traffic is normal, red and orange show slowdowns.

What does travel not advised mean?

Travel Not Advised: The roadway has deteriorated and/or visibility has been reduced to the point that it is very dangerous to travel.

Does Google maps show road conditions?

Google Maps just added a nifty feature that will show you live traffic conditions on arterial roads (non-highway roads) in selected cities. Google Maps will also show traffic patterns on main highways as well, helping you see what the least-trafficked route is for your commute.

Does Google Maps have a legend?

Google Maps has no legend.

What does the term winter road conditions mean?

“Winter road conditions are considered to exist when there is snow, ice, slush or frost on some part of the road.” (

What does blue mean on 511 road conditions?

Wet = light blue (NEW) Partially covered = blue. Completely covered = pink. Travel not advised = purple (NEW) Closed = red.

Do I need chains right now?

There are Three Levels of Chain Requirements in California: Requirement 1 (R-1): Chains are required on all vehicles except passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks under 6,000 pounds gross weight and equipped with snow tires on at least two drive wheels. Chains must be carried by vehicles using snow tires.

Is there an app to avoid traffic?

1. Waze. The most well-known traffic app is free and perhaps its biggest draw is the real-time traffic information provided by users. This allows you to avoid trouble spots on the fly.

Is there an app to plan a road trip?

One of the most essential apps for any road trip, Roadtrippers is the ultimate travel planning resource for anyone embarking on a driving vacation.

What happens if you dial 711?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted use of the 711 dialing code for access to TRS. TRS permits persons with a hearing or speech disability to use the telephone system via a text telephone (TTY) or other device to call persons with or without such disabilities.

Can you still call popcorn?

On the West Coast, the telephone time service was widely known as POPCORN, the letters that represented the numbers you had to dial—before it was discontinued in 2007. … “We expected it to drop off, because with cellphones you get the time right there,” Matsakis said. “But calls have gone up since 2009.”

Can you still call the talking clock?

Find the precise time by dialling 123 to hear the BT speaking clock (Timeline). The time is announced every ten seconds. It costs 50p a minute from BT landlines any time of day or night.

Does a Dutch citizen need a visa for USA?

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) enables citizens of participating countries to travel to the U.S. for tourism or business for 90 days or less without obtaining a U.S. visa. … As the Netherlands participates in the VWP, most Dutch citizens do not need a visa to travel to the U.S.

What is the number 511 used for?

511 Alberta, which you can access by telephone, smart phone and on the Web, is the only official source of transportation information necessary to plan safe trips across Alberta. It is also the place to report weather and road conditions or an incident on Alberta’s major highways, make a comment or a complaint.

What is the best road condition app?

Best road trip appsHit the Road With These Top Android and iOS Apps. … Android Auto (Android: Free) … Waze (Android, iOS: Free) … GasBuddy (Android, iOS: Free) … TollSmart (Android, iOS: $2.99 monthly) … TollGuru (Android, iOS: Free) … iExit (Android, iOS: Free) … Drivvo (Android, iOS: Free)More items…•

What is the number 611 used for?

For customers of some telephone companies in Canada and in the U.S., 6-1-1 is the abbreviated dialing telephone number used to report a problem with telephone service, or with a payphone. It is an N11 code of the North American Numbering Plan that are used for special services.