Question: What Is The Longest IPhone Charging Cable?

Why are iPhone charging cables so short?

It is probably because they are trying to keep the design as minimal as possible, which is a theme that shows throughout their product line.

For many people and many uses, the typical 6 foot long charging cable used by other manufacturers is just too much..

Does Apple make a 10 ft charging cord?

Ultimate 10ft Lightning Cable, Apple MFi Certified, iPhone Charger Cable 10 Foot, USB Cord Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max XS XR X 8 7 6S 6 Plus SE iPad Airpods.

Why do iPhone cables fail?

These could be due to strain and corrosion — in other words, normal wear and tear. Sometimes it’s because you are using a cheap knock-off cable of low quality. You will encounter an error that the cable is not certified on the iPhone if this is what is causing the charging issue.

Can I charge my iPhone 11 with an old charger?

Older 5 watt, 10watt and 12 watt apple chargers will not harm the iPhone in any way. Do note however, that the charger packaged with the iPhone 11 Pro is a larger much faster charger than older ones, and uses a USB-C port. So old lightning to USB cables cannot be used with it. … You can use an older charger just fine.

How long can a lightning cable be?

2 metersAccording to Apple the Lightning cable can extend up to 2 meters (6.5 feet) and work optimally. You can likely find 3rd party (non-Apple) cables that are longer, however Apple onnly recommends and sells cables up to 2 meters.

Does Apple make a long charging cord?

It’s better to use a power extension cord; no loss in charging current. A loner charging cord will take longer to charge iPad. Apple makes and sells a 2 meter (6 ft) long lightning to USB cord. … You can also get a USB extension cable and that will work.

What do you do with old Lightning cables?

The best places to recycle old cables and chargersSTEM programs. Schools and even groups like Boy Scouts of America have STEM programs or projects that often use older technology. … Best Buy. One of the easiest ways to recycle any old electronics, including cables and chargers, is through Best Buy. … Repurpose it for yourself. … Salvage. … A friend or family member.

Are shorter charging cables better?

If you compare two cables built from the same wire or cable material, one short and one long, the shorter one should charge faster. That’s because the resistance of the cable is proportional to its length. The shorter cable will have less resistance. … Also some devices need a minimum voltage to charge.

Does Apple replace chargers for free?

Apple Stores Will Replace Broken Chargers & Electronics for Free, But There’s a Catch.

Is iPhone 11 USB C or lightning?

The “Pro” iPhone 11 models come with Apple’s 18W fast-charger and a USB-C-to-Lightning cable. That means you can finally plug an iPhone directly into a USB-C MacBook Pro without using an adapter.

How do I dispose of old power cords?

To recycle your old cords, e-waste facilities are your best option. Many communities now have dedicated e-waste recycling facilities, either run by private companies or by the local government. Best Buy is another popular e-waste recycler, and power cords are just one type of item they accept.