Question: Why Is Alexa Having Trouble Connecting?

Why is Alexa not working?

A simple software glitch may be the problem.

Restart the Alexa app via its Settings menu and then relaunch the app.

Update the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android.

If restarting and relaunching the app didn’t work, you may need to update the app..

How do I get Alexa back online?

Update the Wi-Fi Settings for Your Echo DeviceOpen the Alexa App .Select Devices .Select Echo & Alexa.Select your device.Select Change next to Wi-Fi Network and follow the instructions in the app.

How do I fix an unresponsive device Alexa?

Restart your Alexa device and your smart home device. Disable and re-enable the skill for your smart home device in the Alexa app. Disconnect your smart home device using the Disable option for your device in the Alexa app. Then, re-enable your smart home device again.

How does Alexa connect to the Internet?

To connect to WiFi:In the Alexa app, open the left panel menu and then select Settings.Select Device Settings.Choose your device.Select Change next to WiFi Network and follow the prompts in the app.

How do you restart Alexa?

You can reset your Echo device using the Alexa app on your iOS or Android smartphone. Go to Devices. Tap the Echo & Alexa icon at the top. Choose the speaker you want to factory reset. Scroll down to Factory Reset and tap it. Confirm you want to reset.

Can you connect Alexa to WiFi without app?

If you want to connect your Alexa device with the Wireless Internet network without using Alexa App. Then, you will need to have an active and fast internet network. Your Alexa Device always connects and works well with dual bandwidth internet router devices.

Why does Alexa keep saying she is having trouble understanding?

The “I’m having trouble understanding you” error occurs when an Amazon Echo device has trouble contacting the Amazon servers to help decipher and understand what you’re saying. It could be because you lost the wireless connection, or perhaps your internet service is down. There may even be an issue on Amazon’s end.

What to do when Alexa can’t connect to Internet?

Solution:Turn off your modem and router. … Make sure you have internet connection (Check it with your phone or computer)Unplug your Alexa device. … If Alexa still gives the same warning, go to “Settings > Updates Wi-Fi” and make sure your Wi-Fi is configured.Reset Alexa to factory defaults.More items…•

How do you help Alexa understand me?

How to Make Amazon Alexa Understand Your VoiceStep 1: Open the Amazon Alexa app.Step 2: Tap the thee horizontal lines icon in the top left corner and select ‘Settings’ from the navigational menu.Step 3: Tap ‘Alexa Account’Step 4: Tap ‘Recognized Voices’Step 5: Tap ‘Your Voice’More items…•

Where is the reset button on Alexa?

1. Locate the reset button, which will be a small hole near the base of the device. 2. Use a paper clip (or similar tool) to press and hold the Reset button, until the light ring on your Echo device turns orange, and then blue.

What does it mean when it says Alexa is offline?

Offline means that there is no open connection. The v1 devices had this limitation because all interaction with AVS was through a request-response model. There was no open connection for Alexa to send directives on.