Quick Answer: Can We Use Airtel Xstream Box Without Recharge?

What is Airtel xstream plans?

Buy Wifi with Airtel DTH Xstream Box includedPlans NamePlans PricesBenefits included in the planPlans Name UltraPlans Prices 1499Benefits included in the plan DTH Xstream Box with streaming app subscriptionsPlans Name VIPPlans Prices 3999Benefits included in the plan DTH Xstream Box with streaming app subscriptions3 more rows.

What is the difference between Airtel xstream box and stick?

The first major difference between the Airtel Xstream Box and the Airtel Xstream Stick is in between the people who can use it. While the Airtel Xstream Box can only be used by the subscribers of Airtel Digital TV, since it is a Set-Top Box, that is not the case with Airtel Xstream Stick.

Does Airtel xstream box support Hotstar?

Select plans also feature free access to Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and Zee5. The Airtel Xstream bundle is available to customers starting September 7, 2020. The core of the service is the Airtel Xstream 4K TV Box, worth ₹3,999. … The box gives access to all the Live TV channels along with video streaming apps.

Does Airtel xstream box need dish?

Yes, if you would like to also watch normal TV channels, then you should definitely require a dish. You may still continue to watch Netflix, YouTube, Prime and other apps without a dish. But inorder to get TV channels, you need a satellite receiver at the top.

Can Airtel xstream be played on normal TV?

The Airtel Xstream stick is essentially an Airtel branded Chromecast-like product with the additional benefit of a bundle of streaming services thrown in for free, at least initially. It does turn a normal TV into an Android smart TV, and that in itself is a good enough reason to buy.

Is Airtel xstream box free?

Telecom operator Bharti Airtel is now offering a complimentary Xtream box to One Airtel subscribers, as reported by Telecomtalk. The Xstream box is an Android TV-based set-top box for which Airtel charges a nominal fee of Rs 3639 from new users.

Is Netflix free with Airtel xstream box?

New Airtel Internet TV users will be eligible for free Netflix subscription worth Rs 500 for one month, and at the same time, they will get Airtel Xstream app subscription worth Rs 1,200 free for one year (12 months). … The box also brings standard DTH service and OTT app services into one place.

What does Airtel xstream include?

Along with the option to choose from 500 plus TV channels, the Airtel Xstream Box comes preinstalled with Airtel Xstream app (10,000 plus movies and shows), Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Airtel Store (for advanced gaming with high end graphics).

How can I buy Airtel xstream set top box?

Airtel is offering the Xstream Box to its broadband customers at a refundable security deposit of Rs. 1,500. The new development comes just a couple of months after the telco provided its Android-based set-top box (STB) to One Airtel plan subscribers under a complimentary offer.

How do I recharge my Airtel xstream box?

1,500 security deposit. Both SD and HD Airtel Digital TV set-top box users can upgrade to the Xstream Box under the new offer. Users need to purchase the content pack at Rs. 452 to activate the Xstream Box.

Is Airtel xstream free for Airtel users?

Airtel and ZEE5 partner up to offer free subscription to users. … The company has been offering Airtel Xstream for free to all of its prepaid and postpaid subscribers. The telecom operator has also given select customers access to Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar subscriptions.

Is Airtel xstream box good?

Both the Xstream Stick and the Box 4K are priced at Rs 3,999. The streaming stick does not support 4K support, whereas, the box does. The best thing that I liked about the Xstream Stick is that unlike a few streaming sticks available outside, it doesn’t run any custom software. …

How can I buy Airtel xstream?

With the Airtel Xstream box, your smartphone can double up as a remote or a gamepad. You can get access to more than 5000 apps with the Android TV Play Store right on the big screen….No cost EMI ₹445/month.BrandAirtelConnectivityHDMIAspect Ratio16:09Memory8Recording FeaturesNo Recording6 more rows

Does Airtel xstream box have WIFI?

As with the Airtel Internet TV set-top box, the Airtel Xstream Box comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and a built-in Chromecast, apart from Bluetooth connectivity. There is a universal remote with Google Assistant-based voice search functionality apart from Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube hotkeys.

What is the cost of Airtel xstream box?

Compare with similar itemsThis item Airtel Xstream Box with 1 Month HD Sports PackAIRTEL HD SET TOP BOX WITH RECORDING AND MY FAMILY PACKCustomer Rating3.6 out of 5 stars (143)4.3 out of 5 stars (769)Price₹ 3,999.00₹ 1,599.00Sold ByFastest DTH ConnectionsFastest DTH ConnectionsModel NumberXstream 4KHIGH DEFINITION HD+2 more rows

Which is better Amazon Fire Stick or Airtel xstream?

You need to have an active airtel DTH subscription in order to use the XStream box. If u stop recharging then it won’t work. Better go with fire tv stick. With fire tv stick you can sideload apps like thop tv, oreo tv, etc.

Does Airtel xstream box work without recharge?

k2max6. Update – The Xstream box is working even without balance/ account suspended state. i.e all the OTT content including xstream content and the box features are accessible except for the DTH channels ofcourse.

Does Airtel xstream provide Netflix?

Apart from Live TV, the Airtel Xstream box can also run apps such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Hotstar, Zee5 and Jio Cinema. Airtel has announced a new offer on the Xstream Box for new and existing direct to home (DTH) customers who may want to upgrade their set top box (STB).

How can I get Netflix for free forever?

But there are few ways to get Netflix for free….Get Netflix Free For LifeGet a trial. Like any other streaming platforms out there, Netflix offers a free trial as well. … Share your opinions and get paid. Say what? … Watch. … Extend the trial. … Get coupons for Netflix deals.