Quick Answer: How Do I Access My YouTube Playlist?

How do I manage my playlists on YouTube?

Reorder videos in a playlistSelect one of your playlists.Hover your mouse over a video until you see the grey vertical bar near the video’s thumbnail.Drag and drop the video up or down to reorder the playlist..

How do I restore my playlist on YouTube?

Just go to the RecoverMy. Video homepage and press the blue Recover now button. After you’ve clicked the blue Recover now button the Google login dialog appears. To recover the titles of your deleted YouTube videos, you have to give RecoverMy.

How do I find my playlist?

You can also use the CTRL + F keyboard shortcut on a PC or COMMAND + F on a Mac to open a search bar for the playlist specifically to search for an artist or song in a long playlist.

Where do I find my playlist on my iPhone?

How to Create a Playlist on Your iPhoneTap the Music icon.At the bottom of the screen, tap the Playlists icon. … Tap the second item in the list, Add Playlist.Type a name for your new playlist, and then tap Save. … Tap the + next to a song name to add the song to your playlist. … In the upper-right corner, tap the Done button.

Where are playlists stored?

android media databaseplaylists are held in the android media database. This lives in /data/data/com. android.

Where are Google Play music playlists stored?

On many devices, the Google Play music is stored on the location : /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/com. google. android. music/cache/music.

How do you add a playlist to YouTube 2020?

Create a playlistFind a video you want in the playlist.Under the video, click Save .Select a playlist such as Watch later, or a playlist you’ve already created, or click Create new playlist. If you create a playlist, enter a playlist name.Use the drop-down box to select your playlist’s privacy setting. … Click Create.

How do I find my playlist on YouTube?

While logged into your YouTube account, go to your Channel page and click on the ‘Videos and Playlists’ tab at the top of the page. Make sure ‘Playlists’ is checked on and then check the playlists that you want to display on your channel.

How do I make a playlist on my phone?

Google Play™ Music – Android™ – Create Music PlaylistFrom a Home screen, navigate: Apps icon > (Google) > Play Music . … Tap the Menu icon. … Tap Music Library .Tap the ‘Albums’ or ‘Songs’ tab.Tap the Menu icon. … Tap Add to playlist.Tap NEW PLAYLIST.More items…

How do I get my home playlist on Google?

Getting connected Open the Bluetooth on your phone and under Available Devices, choose your Home device. Now that your phone and your Google Home device are connected, open your YouTube app and start your playlist of choice. The music will play on your smart speaker.

What is Save to watch later on YouTube?

Launched in 2014, YouTube’s offline feature allows Android and iOS users to save YouTube videos to their device for later consumption. These videos can be downloaded via mobile data or Wi-Fi network. The feature is ad-supported, however, so you will have to sit through an advertisement before getting to your video.

How do I access my watch later on YouTube?

Just hover over a video thumbnail and then click on the “Watch Later” button (it has a Clock icon). The video will be instantly added to your Watch Later queue. Click on the “Library” tab from the sidebar. Here, you’ll first see the “History” section.

How do I make a playlist on my YouTube channel?

How to make a YouTube playlistFind the video you want in your playlist.Under the video, click the “Add to” button. (The three lines and a plus symbol.)From the dropdown menu, choose, “+ Create new playlist.”Enter the playlist name.Choose the channel privacy settings: public, unlisted, or private.Click “Create.”

Where is my playlist on my phone?

For Android Smartphone Tap the “Menu” button and select the “My Channel” option. Go to the Playlists tab and select your playlist. Tap on any video to start playing.