Quick Answer: How Many Endings Are In Silent Hill 2?

Why Silent Hill 2 is the best?

Few games have the good fortune of being perfect but, for me, Silent Hill 2 is.

However, as the game’s themes so comfortably align with the technology on which it was created, and because the content has been so carefully curated, this is one of the rare examples of a title that few would change in any way..

Is Rose dead in Silent Hill?

Rose and Sharon died in the the car accident that sent them to Silent Hill. Rose and Sharon escape the depths of Hell but can not escape Silent Hill because they are dead.

How do you get the good ending in Silent Hill?

To receive the Good ending, which is the most practical ending in the game, the player should have an instinct of exploration and discovery, and willing to take the time to inquire points of interest that aren’t fully necessary in completion of the game.

How do you get the end of rebirth in Silent Hill 2?

An ending where James attempts to revive his dead wife. In order to receive the Rebirth Ending, the player must beat the game at least once….Start a new game and there will be four extra items that James must obtain:White Chrism.Book: “Lost Memories”Obsidian Goblet.Book: “Crimson Ceremony”

What happened in the end of Silent Hill?

At the end when Bad Alessa was climbing the ladder and Sharon was supposed to keep her eyes closed but opened them they became one again so technically Sharon wasn’t there anymore only Alessa remained. She allowed them to leave but not really. They are no longer in Silent Hill but they aren’t in the real world either.

Why is Silent Hill cursed?

The name of that town is Silent Hill. Although it is known as a scenic resort area, it is a cursed place where the town’s former inhabitants were once driven away, brutal executions were once carried out, and a mysterious plague was once prevalent.

How long is Silent Hill Revelation?

1h 35mSilent Hill: Revelation 3D/Running time

Which Silent Hill 2 ending is canon?

The Silent Hill 2 novel uses the “In Water” ending, but Konami states that there is no real canon ending.

How hard is Silent Hill 2?

Silent Hill 2 is really easy though, to the point where it seems like an intentional and blatant design choice. Not because i’m any good. Combat with melee weapons just leads to stunlock and the gun is just point and shoot until the enemy falls over. Ammo is plentiful and health even more so.

How do you get the water ending?

In Water is one of the endings in Silent Hill 2 HD….In order to get this ending there are a number of things you must do:Once you have Angela’s knife, make sure you examine it in your inventory at least once.You have to read the diary on the roof of the hospital.You have to listen to the audio recording in the hotel.More items…•

Who is on the cover of Silent Hill 2?

Angela OroscoAngela Orosco appears on the North American game cover. Akira Yamaoka took recordings of over 100 footsteps for the game. In Making of Silent Hill 2, he states that this was to add variety and to avoid redundancy.

Which Silent Hill game is the best?

Silent Hill: All The Games Ranked From Worst To Best1 Silent Hill. The game that started it all, Silent Hill redefined console-based horror.2 Silent Hill 2. … 3 Silent Hill 3. … 4 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. … 5 Silent Hill: Origins. … 6 Silent Hill 4: The Room. … 7 Silent Hill: Downpour. … 8 Silent Hill: Homecoming. … More items…•

Is Silent Hill a true story?

The True Story & Real History of Silent Hill While the environment of Silent Hill seems as though it could only exist in nightmares, it is actually a very real place with a devastating history. The town of Silent Hill, West Virginia is actually Centralia, Pennsylvania.

Is Silent Hill 2 still scary?

Although it is most definitely a survival horror game there’s a world of different between Silent Hill 2 and a shlock adventure like Resident Evil. Although there’s a few jump scares there’s very little real gore (the game is only rated 16) and combat is clumsy and of very little interest in its own right.

Why is the Silent Hill HD Collection bad?

The original artists at Konami would have built their artwork around this presentation, and the net result is that the HD version is unintentionally compromised as a result – the lack of texture detail in some areas becomes over-exposed in a way that was never intended by Konami’s artists, and the game has a pin-sharp, …

How long does it take to beat Silent Hill 2?

8 Hours5 Silent Hill 2 (8 Hours) Silent Hill 2 stands side by side with Metal Gear Solid 2, Grand Theft Auto III, and Final Fantasy X as one of the greats from 2001’s legendary lineup.

How does the daughter end?

“The Daughter” ends just as it begins—with the sound of gunfire. The duck, alas, is allowed to escape relatively unscathed. The people on the screen, not so much. But somehow what comes close to dissolving into heartbreaking tragedy instead offers the merest whiff of hope for the future.