Quick Answer: What Is Beautiful In African Language?

What are some Swahili names?

Swahili Baby NamesNia.Omari.Amani.Jabari.Ayanna.Dalila.Lela.Nyah.More items….

What is the African name for love is beautiful?

The name Lolonyo means Love Is Beautiful and is of African origin. Lolonyo is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys.

How do you say beautiful in other languages?

“Beautiful” isn’t just for lovers either, saying it to your children, mom, or best friend totally works, too.Afrikaans: “pragtige”Albanian: “bukur”Arabic: “hellwa”Belarusian: “pryhožaja”Bosnian: “lijepa”Bulgarian: “krasiv”Catalan: “bonica”Chinese: “Meilì”More items…•

What do you call a baby girl in Italian?

baby-girl. neonata. baby noun. bambino, bebè, neonato, bimbo, lattante. girl noun.

What does Nala mean in Swahili?

Nala, Simba’s dear friend and betrothed, is bestowed with the name “gift” or “beloved” which is what Nala means in Swahili, and her mother’s name Sarafina means “bright star”.

What does Banzai mean?

ten thousand yearsBanzai may refer to: A traditional Japanese exclamation meaning “ten thousand years” of long life.

How do you flirt in Italian?

Here are 23 phrases you can use to flirt in ItalianCiao, sei qui in vacanza? … Appena sei entrata (f) ho iniziato a credere nell’amore a prima vista! … Come ti chiami? … Sei davvero carina (f) / Sei davvero carino (m). … Prendiamo un caffè insieme? … Potremmo rimanere seduti al tavolo finché non ci innamoriamo.More items…•

What does Zazu mean?

Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Movement. The name Zazu means Movement and is of Hebrew origin. Zazu is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. Variation of the Hebrew name Zaza.

What do you call a beautiful Italian girl?

Beautiful in Italian – Bellissimo / Bellissima Use bellissima for feminine objects or women. … Bello for men, and bella for women. In the Romance languages, it’s not unusual to describe men with the same words as women. Still, it’s more common to use bella for a woman, and less common to hear bello for a man.

What name means beautiful in Swahili?

Zuri, female name, means “beautiful” in Swahili.

What is the Greek word for beautiful girl?

Greek Translation. όμορφο κορίτσι ómorfo korítsi. More Greek words for beautiful girl. όμορφη κοπέλα

What is the meaning of Zuri?

Zuri is a contemporary and unique alternative to the overused Zoe. Meaning “beautiful” and “good” in Swahili, it’s a lovely name that will definitely stand out in any crowd.

What is Scar’s real name?

Adolescent Taka with Mufasa and Ahadi in Tale of Two Brothers. Two versions of Scar’s backstory exist. In the Non canon novel A Tale of Two Brothers, Scar was once named Taka (meaning “waste” or “want” in Swahili), and had become upset when he learned that his older brother Mufasa was chosen to be king over himself.

What is beautiful girl in Swahili?

A handsome man is known as jamil or jameel while a beautiful woman is jamila or jameela. Another word for ‘beautiful’ is mrembo, which is more widely used than jameela.

What is beautiful in Native American language?

Nizhóní- the Navajo word for beauty Find this Pin and more on Navajo Nation by Sharon Rouse.