Quick Answer: What Is The Default Download Location For Files On Windows?

Where do I find downloaded files on my computer?

To view the Downloads folder, open File Explorer, then locate and select Downloads (below Favorites on the left side of the window).

A list of your recently downloaded files will appear.

Default folders: If you don’t specify a location when saving a file, Windows will place certain types of files into default folders..

Where do I find my downloads on Windows 10?

Find my downloads in Windows 10To find downloads on your PC: Select File Explorer from the taskbar, or press the Windows logo key + E. Under Quick access, select Downloads.You can also find your Downloads folder under This PC.

How do I change the default download location for steam?

How do I change the default installation path for my games?Navigate to your Steam client ‘Settings’ menu.Select ‘Steam Library Folders’ from the ‘Downloads’ tab.From here, you can view your default installation path, as well as creating a new path by selecting ‘Add Library Folder’.More items…

How do I change the default save location for OneDrive?

To set OneDrive as your default location to save your documents and files, follow these steps:Click the OneDrive icon in the notification area.Click the menu button (three-dots) in the top-right corner.Select the Settings option.Click the Auto Save tab.More items…•

How do I change the default save location in Windows 7?

You can also head in Windows Explorer down to the Libraries section, right-click on any of the libraries, and choose Properties. This will take you into the extended library properties window, where you can add or remove locations, and click the Set save location to set the default.

What is the default folder?

The folder that a file is currently saved in if another folder name is not specified. Depending on the application, the last folder used to save a file might become the default folder for the next time. … See folder and default.

How do I change the default download location in Chrome?

Change download locationsOn your computer, open Chrome.At the top right, click More. Settings.At the bottom, click Advanced.Under the “Downloads” section, adjust your download settings: To change the default download location, click Change and select where you’d like your files to be saved.

How do I change the default download location in Windows?

The AnswerOpen Windows Explorer.Create the folder you want to have as your new Downloads folder (i.e. C:\Downloads)Under This PC, right-click Downloads.Click Properties.Select the Location Tab.Click Move.Select the folder you made in Step 2.More items…•

Where is the default save location for Windows 10?

So anyway, in Windows 10 there is an easy way to change the default save locations for your files under Settings>System>Storage. shows the connected hard drives on your system and below it you can use the drop down menu to select a new storage location for your personal files.

How do I change the default download location in Windows 10?

How do I change the default save location in Windows 10?Go to Settings > System > select Storage.Now, click on the option ‘Change where new content is saved’Set your preferred download location for each item category.