Quick Answer: What Makes A Person A Disciple?

How does one become a disciple of Jesus?

Faith – one’s part to play to become a disciple Jesus, by His teachings in John 8:31 and Matthew 7:21-23, has set the criterion for becoming His disciple; that criterion is faith; that is believing in Jesus and obeying the word of God..

What are the qualifications and responsibilities of a disciple?

The Hari-bhakti-vilasa lists the following qualifications for a bonafide disciple, who may be trained and engaged in Deity worship: l He should be devoted to the lotus feet of the spiritual master. l He should be fully capable of upholding the vows made to the spiritual master.

What are the benefits of being a disciple?

5 Benefits of DiscipleshipDiscipleship creates opportunities to share the Gospel. … Discipleship helps you build strong relationships with newer Christians. … Discipleship helps you learn to better teach basic Bible truths. … Discipleship helps you memorize Scripture.More items…•

Is everyone called to be a disciple?

You, yes you, are called to make disciples.

What is the definition of a disciple?

A disciple is simply someone who believes in Jesus and seeks to follow him in his or her daily life. Originally, of course, a disciple was someone who literally knew Jesus in the flesh and followed him — but after he was taken up into heaven, anyone who was committed to Jesus was called a disciple.

What are Jesus’s commands?

The commands are directly in line with such a focus: seek first God’s kingdom (Matt 6:33); go, baptize, and teach (Matt 28:28-20); go into the world (Mark 16:15); feed His lambs (John 21:15); demonstrate God’s power (Matt 10:7-8); pray for workers (Matt 9:37-38); watch and pray (Mark 14:38); be ready for His return ( …

What are the characteristics of a true disciple?

A true disciple is not just involved but is committed to take up his own cross and follow Jesus to the very end. That is a complete and lasting commitment as described by Dr. Lee, “Live as if Christ died yesterday, rose this morning, and is coming back again tomorrow.”

Who is a disciple according to the Bible?

In Christianity, disciple primarily refers to a dedicated follower of Jesus. This term is found in the New Testament only in the Gospels and Acts. In the ancient world, a disciple is a follower or adherent of a teacher. … A disciple in the ancient biblical world actively imitated both the life and teaching of the master.

Who was the female disciple?

Female disciples The Gospels record that women were among Jesus’ earliest followers. Jewish women disciples, including Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Susanna, had accompanied Jesus during his ministry and supported him out of their private means.

What is difference between disciple and apostle?

While a disciple is a student, one who learns from a teacher, an apostle is sent to deliver those teachings to others. “Apostle” means messenger, he who is sent. An apostle is sent to deliver or spread those teachings to others. … We can say that all apostles were disciples but all disciples are not apostles.

How do you find someone disciple?

How do I seek out someone to disciple me?Make a list of potential disciplers. Pray and make a list of people you know by whom you would like to be discipled. … Be proactive in your search. Do not wait for people to choose you; everyone is busy these days and they will not invest time in somebody who doesn’t want to be discipled. … Have patience.

What does Matthew 28 mean?

Resurrection of JesusMatthew 28 is the twenty-eighth and final chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. This chapter covers the events around the Resurrection of Jesus and ends with the Great Commission.

What does Jesus require of his followers?

The righteousness and holiness that is ours in Christ, a relationship where we come to love and adore Him because of His mercy, love, kindness, and complete loyalty that He shows to us, and that we humbly walk with Him, hearing His voice, becoming His people, and realizing what it means to have a God who is so selfless …