What Is Character Count On IMessage?

How do you get character count on iMessage?

Open your iPhone’s Settings app.Scroll and select the “Messages” tab.

Under the category “SMS/MMS” are several options, including “Character Count.” Toggle this setting on by tapping it.

Exit Settings and open a new text message conversation with someone who has an Android (or other non-Apple) device..

Is there a character limit for iMessage?

The character limit on iMessages is somewhat nebulous. There is no official character limit, although some users have received error messages when approaching 20,000 characters. If an iMessage is being sent to a non-Apple phone, the message will be truncated at 160 characters, like a traditional SMS text.

Is there a size limit on iPhone text messages?

iPhone 101: enabling the character counter for SMS messages on iPhone. Unlike iMessage, the SMS messages you send on your iPhone are regulated by your carrier and have a character limit of 160 characters.

How do I see message count on iPhone?

How to See How Many Messages You Have on Your iPhoneTap the “Settings” app.Tap “Notifications.”Tap “Messages.” Tap the “ON/OFF” toggle to the right of Badge App Icon to “ON” to enable the badges feature.

What is subject field in iMessage?

Show Subject Field is a setting in the Messages section of the Settings app. It literally means show the subject field in Messages. When on, you’ll see a subject line above iMessage when you go to send a text. The picture below shows what it looks like in Messages when Show Subject Field is turned on.