Where Can I Get My Disc Resurfaced?

Can scratched CDs be fixed?

Fix a Scratched Disc With Wax Incredibly, scratches in the surface of a CD or DVD can be fixed with softened wax.

As with the toothpaste fix, you can use shoe polish, lip balm, furniture wax, or even petroleum jelly.

Again, rub it into the surface of the disc to fill the scratch..

How do you clean a disc?

Tips For Cleaning DiscsWipe down your disc with a lint free towel.Rub from the center hole and work outward.Dampen a clean soft cloth with a little water and wipe from inside circle outward.Dampen a lint free cloth with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and wipe disc.More items…

How do you fix a disc that has a ring around it?

The only solution for that is resurfacing or replacing the disc. Rub deodorant on the scratch, wipe it off with a soft cloth from the center out, then cover the disk with white toothpaste and let it sit for ten minutes. Then gently clean the disk with running water.

What does resurface disc mean?

The graphic on the front of the disc is also the data layer. If you scratch that, you’ll physically remove the data from the disc. When there are scratches on the plastic, you can grind it down a little, polish & buff it, and you’re not damaging or even touching the data. You’re just refinishing the plastic disc.

Can GameStop resurface discs?

GameStop doesn’t resurface discs in the store or do any type of repairs in store. If you have a broken disc or console, we send it to our warehouse in Texas and refurbish it. There is usually a $5 fee when trading in a scratched game to cover the resurfacing cost.

How many times can you resurface a disc?

Each disc can be repaired up to 50 times or more depending on how deep the scratches penetrate.

What is the best disc repair machine?

The 5 Best CD Repair Kits of 2020Best Overall: Novus 7100 Plastic Polish Kit at Amazon.Best Budget: Maxell CD/CD-ROM Repair Kit at Amazon.Best Splurge: JFJ One-Step Eyecon at Kmart.com.Best Motorized System: Memorex OptiFix Pro at Amazon.Runner-Up, Best Motorized System: Digital Innovations SkipDr at Amazon.

Can you resurface a Blu Ray disc?

Yes. BDs are not supposed to be resurfaced. Blu-ray discs are not supposed to be buffed manually, nor by a machine because it can remove the protected coating on the surface, and ruin the blu-ray completely. Blu-rays should be wiped clean only with a soft cloth (with no abrasives).

How much does it cost to fix a disc?

Specific Disc Replacement Surgery Procedures and National Cost AveragesPrice RangeDisc Replacement Surgery Cost Average$16,700 – $45,800

How much does it cost to resurface a disc at Gamestop?

Average Homeboy $5 and they make you sign up for an Edge card.

How does Vaseline remove scratches from CDs?

Instructables highlights a simple tip for making CDs and DVDs with scratches readable again. Simply take a cotton ball and dip it in some alcohol to clean the area near the scratch. Then apply Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly to the disc. The Vaseline will fill in the scratch, hopefully making it readable again.

Does rubbing alcohol fix scratched CDs?

3. Mix rubbing alcohol and water in a one-to-one ratio and use it to clean the DVD to remove fingerprints or other oily residue. Rubbing alcohol works well because it is mild and evaporates quickly without leaving a residue. Rub the disk with a little of the solution and let it dry.

Can you fix a scratched DVD?

If the scratch is on the top, shiny part of the disc, the disc is not repairable and all the data is lost. If the scratch is on the bottom, plastic part of the disc, you may be able to repair the disc by resurfacing and polishing it. Today, some disc manufacturers are developing scratch-resistant discs.

How long does it take to resurface a disc?

Restoring Discs to Like-New Depending on how badly scratched the disc is, this can usually be accomplished in about 30 seconds to 4 minutes. Although polishing a disc does remove a little of the disc surface, it’s only a few microns of depth. This means that, if required, a disc can safely be repaired many times over.

Will Gamestop take scratched games?

Depends on the severity of the scratches. They won’t take it in if it’s butchered, or I think they do give you less credit. They’ll definitely not take it if it has the 360 ring scratch around the disc. They’ll still take a scratched disk, but only if it looks like it can still be played.

How do you resurface a disc with toothpaste?

To restore a damaged CD, apply a dot of non-gel formulat toothpaste to a cotton cloth and rub in a straight line from the center of the CD outward, covering any scratches. Rinse off the toothpaste with water.

Do Cex take scratched discs?

We don’t buy heavily scratched, warped, cracked or chipped discs. Music CDs must be unscratched. Minor scratches are acceptable on Games, DVDs and Blu rays as long as they play.

How do you tell if a disc has been resurfaced?

there is no way to tell if a disc has been buffed if the person is using a fresh buffing pad, a clean cloth and knows what they’re doing. if they don’t have fresh material or are inexperienced, you can check (as dk said) for residue or wavy lines.