Who Wore Number 70?

Who wore number 70 in the NBA?

7 PlayersPlayerTeam(s)Ed FlemingMinneapolis Lakers (58)Andy KosteckaIndianapolis Jets (49)Dennis Rodman*Dallas Mavericks (00)Frank SelvyMinneapolis Lakers (60)3 more rows.

Why does James Harden wear number 13?

James Harden is representing. The Houston Rocket is representing the elite pro team athletes in the United States who have had the nerve to wear No. 13 during regular-season games. … Chamberlain set that record in the 1961-62 season, when he averaged more than 50 points per game for the then-Philadelphia Warriors.

Who wore 44?

As a uniform number, 44 is cool, filling out the broad backs of sluggers Hank Aaron, Reggie Jackson and Willie McCovey. Jerry West wore 44. So did George Gervin. And so, in the early ’70s, did Pistol Pete Maravich, when that number was also attached to the most famous handgun of its day: Dirty Harry’s .

Who wore number 50?

118 PlayersPlayerTeam(s)Greg AnthonyNew York Knicks (93, 94, 95) Portland Trail Blazers (99, 00, 01) Chicago Bulls (02) Milwaukee Bucks (02)Joel AnthonyMiami Heat (08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14) Boston Celtics (14) Detroit Pistons (15, 16)Isaac AustinUtah Jazz (92, 93) Philadelphia 76ers (94)115 more rows

Who wore 48?

Class of 2004 inductee Bob Brown wore #76 with the Eagles, Rams, and Raiders.00OTTO48RICHTER49Kiesling , MITCHELL50Ford , Otto , Owen , SINGLETARY , STRONG , WOJCIECHOWICZ51BUTKUS , Hubbard , RINGO93 more rows

Who was number 6 on the Lakers?

Two of James’ three NBA championships came while wearing the No. 6 as did his two Olympic gold medals. He is four-for-four in reaching the NBA Finals while wearing No. 6, winning a pair of league MVP awards and Finals MVPs in the process.

Who wore 00?

39 PlayersPlayerTeam(s)Carmelo AnthonyPortland Trail Blazers (20)Darrell ArthurMemphis Grizzlies (09, 10, 11, 13) Denver Nuggets (14, 15, 16, 17, 18)Anthony AventMilwaukee Bucks (93, 94) Orlando Magic (94, 95)Miloš BabićCleveland Cavaliers (91) Miami Heat (92)35 more rows

Has any NBA player worn 69?

No NBA player has ever worn the number 69, which is believed to be implicitly banned due to its sexual connotations; the NBA has never confirmed this. Dennis Rodman had allegedly requested the number 69 when he joined the Dallas Mavericks but was refused and instead wore 70.

Why did Rodman wear a dress?

Rodman garnered as much publicity for his public antics. … Shortly after, Rodman famously wore a wedding dress to promote his autobiography Bad As I Wanna Be, claiming that he was bisexual and that he was marrying himself.

Why did Dennis Rodman wear number 73?

Number 73: Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman played one season with the Los Angeles Lakers and chose the number 73, which had never been worn before. He didn’t play in many games for the Lakers, either.

Who wore the number 6?

241 PlayersPlayerTeam(s)Tyler EnnisHouston Rockets (17)Julius Erving*Philadelphia 76ers (77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87)Jeremy EvansAtlanta Hawks (18)Maurice EvansLos Angeles Lakers (07, 08) Washington Wizards (11, 12)149 more rows

What numbers are banned in the NBA?

2 — the little-known statute that prohibits college basketball players from wearing any of the numerals 6, 7, 8 or 9. Those are the numbers you will not see on a college basketball court. Kobe Bryant’s former number, 8 (he switched to No.

Who is the best number 6 in the world?

Roberto CarlosOn the basis of these rankings alone, Roberto Carlos is our winner of best no. 6 ever. However, a slight (OK, not so slight) caveat. Roberto Carlos is widely known for wearing number 3 for his club teams.

Who wore 33?

Abdul-JabbarFew players are as decorated as Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA’s all-time leading scorer and a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient whose No. 33 is retired everywhere he wore it — from UCLA to the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers.

Why did Shaq wear 34?

32 when he was in Orlando, Miami and Phoenix. When he was with the Los Angeles Lakers, O’Neal wore 34 because Nos. 32 and 33 were retired for Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.