Why Is My Bell Fibe TV App Not Working?

How do I troubleshoot my Bell Fibe TV?

TVRestart your receiver: a.

Disconnect the power cable for 10 seconds.


Reconnect the power cable.


Wait for your receiver to start back up.Fibe TV customers: Restart your modem.Try multiple channels..

Why is my converter box not working?

Make sure your antenna is connected properly to the antenna input of your digital-to-analog converter box or digital television. … If you do not see a set-up menu or picture, tune your TV to channel 4. If you still do not see a set-up menu or picture, recheck your connections.

How do I fast forward on Bell Fibe?

Fibe TV app on Android TVYou can skip forward or backward: Click the fast forward button to skip forward 30 seconds. Click the rewind button to skip backward 7 seconds.You can also click the left and right navigation buttons to move backward and forward in the video.

How do I restart on Bell Fibe?

Restart a show using Restart TVPress the GUIDE button on your Fibe TV remote. The Guide screen appears. … Use the arrow buttons on the TV remote to select the show to restart. Shows with the Restart icon are available to restart. … Press the OK button. OK button. … Press the OK button when the peek bar appears. The show restarts from the beginning.

How do I reboot my receiver?

To reset your receiver:Unplug the receiver’s power cord from the back of the receiver or from the wall outlet.Leave unplugged for 30 seconds and plug back in.The receiver should boot up properly in less than 90 seconds.

How do I contact Bell Fibe?

Support options See the complete list. If you don’t see the subject that you need help with, please chat or call us at 1 866 302-5922. For help with your Internet service, contact Bell customer service.

What is Alt TV with crave?

Bell Canada’s Alt TV service, launched Monday, allows subscribers to watch channels offered by Bell TV through the Bell Fibe TV app on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops, without requiring a cable box or even a television set.

Can you cast from Bell Fibe app?

Bell Fibe and Alt TV subscribers can now cast their content using Google Chromecast. Users can cast content from the Fibe TV app, meaning it’s easier than ever to watch and access TV on more devices. Fibe TV app’s Chromecast support joins availability on other platforms like Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

How do you start over on Spectrum cable?

First, power off your cable box and unplug it for one minute. Plug the box back in. Allow your box to reboot. Now, test the Start Over feature.

How do I look back on Spectrum cable?

Press the MENU button on the remote and select My Library. Programs you’ve recently watched or recorded are automatically added here so you can easily find them. Channels you’ve marked as Favorites are also listed for easy access. You can also add shows to your Watchlist so you can come back to them when convenient.

Why is my Fibe TV not working?

Unplug the power cable on the back of the Fibe TV receiver. … Wait approximately five minutes for the Fibe TV receiver to restart. Once the Fibe TV receiver has restarted, check to see if your TV picture has returned and the Fibe TV receiver responds to the remote control.

Why is my bell receiver not working?

Try resetting your receiver by pressing and holding the POWER button on your receiver for at least 5 seconds until it resets. If you’re still having issues, please contact us. Try resetting your receiver by pressing and holding the POWER button on your receiver for at least 5 seconds until it resets.

How do I connect my Bell Fibe to my TV?

How to install a wireless receiver and transmitterConnect the receiver to the TV using an HDMI cable. … Turn your TV on and connect the receiver to a power outlet. … Go to the transmitter and connect it to the Fibe modem using an Ethernet cable and to a power outlet using the provided power adapter.Turn the transmitter on.More items…

How do I download app on Samsung TV?

Press the Smart Hub button from your remote.Select Apps.Search for the app you want to install by selecting Magnifying glass icon.Type the Name of the application you want to install. Then select Done.Select Download.Once the download completes, select Open to use your new app.

How do I get the Bell Fibe app on my smart TV?

Installing the Fibe TV app on your Android TVUsing your Android TV remote, navigate to the Google Play Store.Search for the “Fibe TV App” and then select Install.The Fibe TV app will now appear on the home screen of your Android TV device, under the My Apps section. … Sign in using your MyBell username and password.

How do I get my converter box to work?

Hooking Up a Digital Converter Box:Unplug Your TV. Turn off your television and unplug your TV before you begin.Connect Your Antenna. … Choose Your Connector Type. … Connect the Box to the TV. … Plug In Your TV and Converter Box. … Tune Your TV to the Right Channel or Input. … Search for Channels.